Digi-X is a venture builder that is part of Digi Telecommunications, one of the largest telcos in Malaysia. Our goal is to create new products and ventures beyond the telco realm that have the potential to impact people’s digital lives and in return generate new sources of revenue.

Engineering is the beating heart of Digi-X and we’re looking for tech geniuses who have the skills and drive to innovate, enhance and simplify technology. With an array of digital products and services in Digi-X, this person should possess the creativity in innovating global standard applications/websites to give our customers the best digital experience possible. Technical expertise aside – we value self-initiators, forward-thinkers, contributors, team players and good communicators.

About the role:

  • You will be responsible for designing and building advanced applications and, improving and creating new features for our existing iOS/Android applications

  • You will also be in charge of bug fixes and unit-testing of source code for robustness; including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

  • Our ideal candidate is a discoverer who continuously finds viable and effective methods to implement new technologies in order to maximize development competency

What we’d like to see in a candidate:

  • At least 2 years of experience in iOS/Android development

  • Has published one or more iOS/Android applications in iTunes/Google Play

  • Familiarity with React Native and deploying apps for iOS/Android using React Native

  • Experience in working with Redux

  • Experience in working with iOS / Android frameworks (Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text, Android SDK)

  • Expertise in the general mobile development landscape; including architectures, trends, and emerging technologies